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* Click on the picture of each author to see their personal websiteand check out their publications!October 2013
Dr. David Bowles shared excerpts from his books "The Seed" and "Mexican Bestiary," as well as how he gleans experiences from his own life for his writing and how he gives classic folk tales new life on the page.

PJ Hoover bases a lot of her fantasy and science fiction stories in Austin where she lives. She took students through the writing process: background, getting ideas, writing about things you love and are interested in, and working with deadlines and personal goals. Very cool!

November 2013

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Writer S.A. Bodeen has completed three captivating Science Fiction novels featuring dystopian and survivalist elements. The Compound, The Gardener, and The Raft feature characters who question their societies, face their challenges, and discover their strengths.

December 2013

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Max Glauben survived the horrors of concentration camps in and around Nazi Germany during WWII. He is now a writer, speaker, and teacher, sharing his experiences and tangible mementos of his past with audiences of all ages.

January 2014

Viola Canales is an author who has emerged from the Rio Grande Valley to become one of the top authors in YA Latino literature. Her stories in such books as The Tequila Worm and Orange Candy Slices combine personal memories, folk tales, cultural references, and an engaging blend of humor and poignancy.

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